Paragliding World Cup Bir Billing 2015

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India to host the first ever paragliding world cup October 2015

Dates: 24th October to 31st October 2015
Sponsors: AAI (Airport Authority of India)
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Gearing up for the first Paragliding World Cup India!
Meeting with BPA’s Partners and Associates

Encouragement and Support from Shri. Ashok Gajapathi Raju, The Hon’ble Civil Aviation Minister

Himachal Pradesh government is happy when India was selected as one among the other countries to host the Paragliding world cup. Paragliding is very famous in Bir Billing a small village in Himachal Pradesh. The Bir Billing point is very famous across the world and it attracts many paragliding champions every year. In India, Bir Billing, Himachal is the best place to organize such a big event.

It is a proud moment for India to organize the world cup for paragliding where teams from more than 50 countries are expected to participate. President of the Bir Billing Paragliding Association is taking care of the preparation works and there is a ban for construction work near the important sites. The government is making clear arrangements to conduct a successful event. Safety and security during the event is the high matter of consideration.

Paragliding world cup 2015 is round the corner and for the first time ever, India is set to organise the event. With more than 50 countries participating in the championship which started in April 2015 at Brazil and the other events were held at Portugal in July 2015 and later the other rounds of competition was held at Spain in August 2015 and later in October the grand event is happening in India. Later the grand Super finals will be held at Mexico this year.

The Himachal Pradesh government is all excited to host the show for the first time and they preparations have started already to tighten the security and maintain the infrastructure as it is going to promote the tourism of India. India concentrates more on tourism and Shimla is one of the best places which attract lot of foreign tourists, this event gives an opportunity to exhibit the prosperity of the city.

The tourism department have also taken the initiative along with the other departments to check the infrastructure and facilities of the sport. There are discussions going on to make Mandi to Shahpur as a non-flying zone. The safeties of the champions are highly considered and proper security measures and emergency rescue forces are getting ready to host a successful event.

Infrastructure plays a major role and there are people who have started to lay street lights and the public works department is in full swing to provide the best as they can. There are more than 47 countries that have confirmed their participation and it is going to be a great start for India to concentrate more on Paragliding. On a success note of this event, the Paragliding association is going to organize a national level championship.There are more attractive events and programs that will be an attraction for the competition!