Cycling Fun in Bir Billing Himachal

Cycling Fun in Bir Billing Himachal


In your busy routine of work, you should take a break at least once in a year and enjoy with the nature. When you look back at your life, the time spent with friends and family are the best times. So to make it more memorable and joyful, go to a place where you can have some extra fun and thrill.

Do you know this places called Bir and Billing in Himachal Pradesh? It is a small village but yet a wonderful picnic and trekking spot that will be enjoyed by all. This place attracts tourists from other parts of the world and they spend time enjoying the nature and at the famous paragliding spot. It is not just paragliding that is famous but you can spend time trekking, walking, and also cycling in Bir Billing.

There are famous places in Himachal Pradesh and those who does not wish to take a private car or bus, can prefer to take a cycle and enjoy with friends. Cycling is a better option and a new experience and you will definitely enjoy the atmosphere. If you have planned, to go for an adventure trip, pack your bags and come to this beautiful place and we will arrange cycling and other adventure trips for you.

Enjoy your vacation amidst mountains, forests and nature and enjoy a trip that is memorable. Book your tickets now and travel to this awesome place which is famous for more activities.